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This Time Around, the J.Crew Sample Sale Is All About Shoes

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Sample Sally's spy Discount Di (try saying that three times fast) reports back from the J.Crew sample sale at Clothingline. Yesterday, we heard that the sale had some damaged goods—not a surprise, since frayed edges, tramped hems, and sweaters with the word "sample" inked on them in big black permanent marker have been standard features at all of the seven previous J.Crew blowouts. What's new this time, though, is an emphasis on shoes and jewelry. Flats and sandals start at $60, heels at $90, and boots at $120. Sally's informant wasn't impressed by the selection, but she was somewhat won over by evening dresses at $75. Other clothing prices, in case you're curious: Sweaters (cotton and wool) are $35, while cashmere sweaters and day dresses are $60.
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