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Take That, Chain Stores: Local Health Food Shop Replaces Rite Aid

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Here's a story sure to warm the hearts of any retail locavores: Mom-and-pop pharmacy Elm Health is taking over a struggling Rite Aid on Seventh Avenue and 14th Street. The store has an Upper East Side location at First Avenue and 88th Street, and according to Crain's, they've been watching the market for years, looking for the right time to open a second spot downtown. Of course, this is just a drop in a bucket for West 14th Street, which is swarming with chains, but it's always nice to see a local store make good. Now it just has to outsell its new neighbors Duane Reade and West Side Market.
· Mom & pop druggist takes Rite Aid space [Crain's]
· Elm Health [Official Site]

Elm Health

56 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY