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Menswear Brand Psycho Bunny Drives At Least One Man Psycho

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Image via <a href="">Psycho Bunny</a>
Image via Psycho Bunny

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Psycho Bunny is clearly a terrible name for a line of men's shirts and accessories (or for anything, really, with the possible exception of a band made up of sixth graders.) But we had no idea the depths of some people's loathing for the label until we heard from a reader who's incensed about the upcoming Psycho Bunny sale at West Village boutique Leffot. Ready for a blistering Wednesday afternoon rant? He writes:

Leffot, seller of only the finest shoes, is going to be shilling overstock rabbit ties? "We believe shoes play a very important role in any wardrobe, from suits to jeans, and if you don’t have on a great pair than you might as well call it a day." Hand-made, leather-soled, $400+ footwear to compliment your novelty tie produced by Indian children! It's the dumbest shit—hey, let's make Brooks Brothers ties skinnier and put rabbits with cross bones on them so 22-year-olds will think they're cool and buy them for three seasons until everyone realizes they've been had by a bunch of douches.
Goodness. Think that's a big harsh? Agree wholeheartedly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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