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The Chantelle Sale Is a Winner; Wal-Mart's Racist Announcement

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Image via <a href="">Sugar Rock Catwalk</a>/span&gt;
Image via Sugar Rock Catwalk/span>

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FLATIRON DISTRICT—Sugar Rock Catwalk has only raves for the Chantelle sale currently taking place at 250 Fifth Avenue. Here's a synopsis from one of their tipsters: "Bras are one for $30, two for $55, four for $100. Unfortunately 5 bras are $130 not $125. Undies are one for $15, two for $20, three for $25. There are dressing rooms, but the lines move slowly; there are also mirrors outside if you want to try on over your clothes. Lots of selection, mostly fashion bras, but some basic t-shirt bras too. Lots of stock for L undies, M and S are more limited." Click through for more photos and a detailed report. [SRC]

NEW JERSEY—Somebody got on the public-address system at a Turnersville Wal-Mart this weekend and said "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now." A Daily Intel commenter points out that Wal-Marts have PA phones hanging all over the store in reach of customers, so this didn't necessarily come from someone working at the store. Wal-Mart says they're looking into it. [Courier-Post via Daily Intel]

250 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY