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Urban Outfitters Brings Hipster-dom to a Second UWS Location

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Image via InfoMofo/Flickr

Uptown hipsters and teenyboppers rejoice! Urban Outfitters has confirmed the opening of a second Upper West Side location at 2625 Broadway (between 99th and 100th). The expansive store will occupy 6,090 square feet on the ground floor and 8,708 square feet on the lower level, hopefully assuaging some neighborhood concerns about the number of unoccupied storefronts in the area.

Urban Outfitters will be the first major retailer on this stretch of the UWS and will hopefully pave the way for more stores to join. The last high profile opening in the area was the Uptown Whole Foods at Columbus and 100th and the first Urban UWS location is at 72nd Street and Broadway. Originally, Urban was looking at leasing the historical Metro Theater space, but eventually opted for 2625 Broadway location across the street. According to a spokesperson, the non-landmarked space (as opposed to the Metro Theater) will allow the store designers go crazy without any creative restrictions. The store is scheduled to open this summer, ideal weather for flippy summer dresses and cut off denim shorts.
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