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Hector's Shoe Repair Can Heal Your Mangled Pradas

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Welcome to Racked Rx, a new feature highlighting the best places in the city to get your shoes repaired, your clothes cleaned, your hair cut, your blender fixed, and all your other material ailments cured. No item is too high maintenance; no appliance is too quirky. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at

Sample sales can be great sources of intel, especially while you're trapped in line. Writes a reader:

During the freezing wait to get into the Prada sale in fall '08, I started chatting with the two ladies in line in front of me. They turned out to be shopping experts who'd been going to sample sales together for over a decade, and they were full of good advice. Their best tip: Hector's Shoe Repair, in the West Village, is an excellent place to get designer shoes repaired. Hector and family are meticulous about detail, so you can trust them with anything, no matter how delicate and/or high-end. (Also, based on personal experience, they won't be snotty if you bring them shoes that are closer to Payless than Prada.)
Hector Shoe Repair is located at 11 Greenwich Avenue; their Yelp reviews are pretty positive, although it looks like you shouldn't expect the warmest service.
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Prada - Soho

575 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 212-334-8888 Visit Website

Hector's Shoe Repair

11 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY