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Brooklyn Denim Company: Not Afraid of the Recession

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Femia, 2/16/10

When the recession first hit, there was a lot of talk about how the already-volatile Williamsburg retail scene would survive. The owners of Brooklyn Denim Company, a new jeans-and-more shop, took the rare optimistic approach. Rather than hunkering down and waiting for the economy to improve, they decided to open a neighborhood-focused store in Williamsburg promoting the world's best denim brands, which they figured could use a boost.

The store opened ten days ago with over thirty labels in stock, from Democracy of Nevermind to Levi's. It also carries non-denim from the likes of Rogan, Schott, and Spiwak, plus a small vintage collection that includes Pendleton and more Levi's. They also sell their own, made-in-America merchandise, and the plan is to expand the in-house product line further as the store develops.
· Brooklyn Denim Company [Official Site]


330 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 646 827 7567

Brooklyn Denim Company

85 N. Third Street, Brooklyn, NY