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Decadestwo Winners: Five Shopping Tips from Friends and Family

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Loub booties from Decadestwo
Loub booties from Decadestwo

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Last week, we promised to hook up five lucky winners with access to the Decadestwo pop-up shop preview a day early. Decadestwo is, you'll recall, the LA consignment shop that regularly sources from the likes of Rachel Zoe and her clients; the pop-up is a brief but glorious chance to shop a roomful of California bounty in our own fair city. To win, readers had to send us the best shopping tips they'd ever received from a family member, friend, or loved one.

We'll admit we got a little misty reading some of the entries—you guys, your moms are all so cute! It was exceptionally hard picking five winners, but it was also an exceptionally fun contest, so we'll have to do it again soon. (By the way, if you entered and didn't win, don't despair: The preview is tomorrow night, but the store opens to the public on Thursday and stays open until March 21st.)

1.) Advice from mom: "Whenever I see someone on the street in fantastic boots of various shades of brown, gray and blue, I think to myself; 'They must really regret that they didn't buy those in black.' Don't make that mistake too. Always buy them in black."
2.) My sister taught me Murphy's law of shopping: The day that you go commando because you're "only shoe-shopping" is the day that you'll see the perfect pair of jeans. Lesson: Always plan like a singular item is around the corner.
3.) From mom: If the music is too loud, walk out! The louder the music, the less
helpful the sales stuff.
4.) For years my mother always told me that I shouldn't buy shoes that I couldn't walk fifteen blocks in comfortably. That was the worst shopping advice ever. To think of all the excellent pairs of super-high, satin-y stilettos that I missed out on during those obedient years! Her advice was later eclipsed by my grandmother's: Buy any shoes that make you look wonderful--no matter how ridiculous. Then, always walk in a pair of flats. And when some obnoxious person comes up to you and says, with a condescending look: "Did you walk in those?" Smile airly, and respond: "Oh no! I didn't want to get them ruined."
5.) The best tip I ever received was from a good friend. When I'm not sure if I want to purchase an item, she says, "If you can wear it for as many days as it cost in dollars, then it's worth it."

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