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The latest twist in the North American showdown between mysterious Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygård and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Nygård has dropped his copyright lawsuit against the CBC. Back in January, the purveyor of the NY flagship on Broadway and 40th Street and giant face of the Times Square posters, sued the CBC for filming the flagship opening sans permission. After a Canadian judge put the kibosh on Nygård's request for a preliminary injunction against the CBC on March 5 and requested that both parties explain what the big deal was about the video, on Friday, Nygård quietly and voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit. What happened? Was there a secret and extremely polite summit after which Nygård acquiesced? Maybe Nygård's people want to concentrate all their litigious power on an ongoing lawsuit against a 48 Hours-esque exposé coming out on a government-owned show called the Fifth Estate. [WWD Subscription req'd]