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Fabulous Jewelry Deals and 80's Nostalgia at Fenton/Fallon

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The Fenton/Fallon sample sale opens to the public today after a VIP preview last night in the Freeman's Alley boutique. The sale offers Spring and Fall 2009 pieces below wholesale prices with pieces ranging from $15 to $80 each. Shoppers were having a fantastic time perusing the collections while taking in all the 80's pop culture references—from the Dynasty theme song playing in the background to the Patrick Nagel hanging on the wall.

The mix of rocker, vintage, tribal and Egyptian inspired baubles are neatly organized by price in an eye-catching and cohesive fashion that would make Kelly Cutrone proud. The sale is organized by price—$15, $30, $35, $40 and so on. One warning, the $15 section can quickly become $45 section. It is full of tempting bangles made for stacking and chain and leather twine necklaces made for layering and, honestly, you can't buy just one.

The $35 mix caught our eye with chunky twisted black chain and silver teeth chokers and definitely stroll over to mantle to check out the bold $30 rings—coiled rattle snakes, biker sized eagles, whimsical large gold locket rings and colorful gem embellished confections. The $80 territory holds some of the most mouthwatering pieces. We loved the chain link necklace with colorful stone embellished python leather charms attached and a beautiful chunky triple link twisted chain necklaces with dangling multiple cameos and lockets. There are also carefully crafted gold and silver cuffs, some adorned with colorful stones and some with Egyptian carved design for $40 and $50.

Also check out the vintage concert tees for a chuckle down memory lane. Fifty dollars is a bit much to pay for someone's old concert t-shirt (displayed with Fenton/Fallon necklaces, no less), but it was fun to flip through the carefully curated rack, which read like a comprehensive 80's/90's mix tape—New Order, the Bangles, Modern English and even Wilson Phillips. Most of the collection is already out on the floor, so act fast to snag the best deals and most coveted pieces. Both cash and credit are accepted.
·Dealfeed: Fenton/Fallon [Racked]


187 Christie St, New York, NY