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The Meaning of Gaga

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Now that Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video is out, we're going to see a barrage of analysis from Gaga experts, by which we mean crazed fashion blogger fans. First up is the Cut, which offers a list of the ten best moments from the video. Our favorite is number six: "Beyoncé looks stunning in her 'good girl' banana-yellow dress and matching cowboy hat and eye shadow. She got to recycle her Destiny's Child clothes after all!" But we were also amused by the trenchant analysis in number nine: "The fashion in the finale dance sequence performed by Gaga, Beyoncé and the white trash in the diner is an important statement on spring fashion. The divas have embraced white-trash attire — American-flag dresses and panties, shredded denim — and made it look good. And yet! They have just killed every trashy patron of the diner. So all this unfortunate, often trashy-looking denim-on-denim we're seeing for fall? SHALL NOT STAND." [The Cut]