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Did an Apple Store Employee Go Berserk on a Law & Order Star?

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The lower level at Apple UWS on opening day
The lower level at Apple UWS on opening day

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This being New York City and all, where crime dramas are perpetually filming on the street, most folk wouldn't freak out over seeing one of the stars of Law & Order: SVU going about his usual business, like perhaps browsing at the new Apple store on the Upper West Side. But SVU actor Richard Belzer accused an Apple UWS employee of doing exactly that: Freaking out too much over him. Reports Gothamist:

After an employee at the Upper West Side Apple Store called the cops on actor Richard Belzer, accusing him of choking her on Tuesday, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star has a conspiracy theory: He's too famous! He told the Daily News, 'I guess she was trying to shake me down. She clearly knew who I was. Sometimes when you are a celebrity, people try to take advantage of you.'

That's a pretty fishy defense from Belzer, especially since the Apple staffer maintains that she's "not star struck by anyone" and that Belzer wasn't even gentle with her because "there is no gentle manner to grab someone's neck." All that's come of the ordeal is a harassment complaint, but we'd recommend to Belzer to take a vacation and stop watching his own show, lest he actually start thinking that choking women is okay.
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