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Christian Siriano for Payless: The Uptown Breakdown

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Having already looked into the downtown supply, we thought it necessary to check up on the coveted stock of Christian Siriano heels in Payless locations across midtown and upper Manhattan. The most bountiful Payless location is on E. 39th Street and Fifth Avenue, where the salesclerk informed us they had just received a new shipment. However, the stock at other locations in and around Times and Herald Square were depressingly low. The Payless store on W. 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue only has three pairs. Period. An Upper East Side store on Third Avenue between 86th and 87th also has what the store clerk called "plenty" of shoes, yet the other Upper East, Upper West, and Harlem locations all had only a couple of pairs left, depending on which size and style.—Lauren Frankfort

Herald Square
110 W. 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue: Only 3 pairs left.
484 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street: A couple of each pair.

Midtown East
437 Fifth Avenue at E. 39th Street: Brand new shipment just arrived.

Times Square
609 Eight Avenue at 40th Street: Two or three of each size

Upper East Side
716 Lexington Avenue at 58th Street: Only a few left.
1538 Third Avenue between 86th and 87th: "We have plenty."
1503 Third Avenue at 85th Street: Still has some left.

Upper West Side
2507 Broadway at 94th Street: A couple of sizes left.

208 W. 125th Street at Seventh Ave: Only a couple of pairs left.

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