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Tiny Elevator Slows Down Queue Outside Dolce & Gabbana

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After yesterday's report from the Dolce & Gabbana sale preview, we had to check out the discounts ourselves. Of course, the first step is braving the line. Trusty Racked correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo is currently embedded among the shoppers outside Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. Follow her adventures below...

11:52am: Current status of the Dolce & Gabbana line: 20 minutes and counting. The line is now inching towards Sixth Avenue. Probably lots of lunchtime shoppers.

11:55am: Only five people can fit in the elevator at once so it's moving quite slowly. Shoppers occasionally tricle out carrying fancy white bags with gold Dolce & Gabbana lettering. Nice touch!

11:57am: The crowd is pretty diverse—there's a mix of men and women and I hear at least three languages spoken behind me. The lady directly behind me is all up in my piece, though. Invading my personal space is not going to make this line move any faster!

11:58am: I'm one person closer. The girl in front of me gave up and left.

12:03pm: Slight line confusion: The Warehouse Sale denim line is starting to develop parallel to the D&G line, which is separated off by a rope and stanchion. How to tell the difference: Warehouse Sale on the left, lots of dudes wearing jeans and hats. D&G on the right, lots of people in black.

12:09pm: Our line just moved! Over in the Warehouse line, a guy just gave up. Maybe this isn't the most dedicated crowd.

12:12pm: Oh boy. There's a guy in the Warehouse Sale line who is, um, emitting a very strong odor. There is now a two-foot radius of empty space all around him and the Personal Space Invader lady is practically on top of me.

12:14pm: Another group just went in and now I'm ten people from the door. That's just two elevator rides of people.

12:15pm: The guy with the body odor just went into the Warehouse Sale. They're letting tons of people into that one and we're getting very jealous.

12:18pm: Ooh! I'm in the building now. There is a bag and coat check.

12:19pm: Seriously? They can fit way more than five people in this elevator. It's huge! OK, heading in.

12:21pm: False alarm—there's a line for the coat check. So close...

Metropolitan Pavillion

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Metropolitan Pavilion

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