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We Have No Words For These: WTFjeans

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What can one say about a product called "WTFjeans?" Do we make fun of the name, do we wonder who they're marketed at, or do we just let them speak for themselves? Let's take the high road and go with the latter, since denim with "micro-fiber pockets to protect those screens, a hidden memory stick pocket to keep your infos semi-secure, and even extra padding and protection in special places for male wearers" might appeal to some people. Heck, they might actually sell!

Engadget at least pronounces the style of the jeans a bit "Kris Kross" and notes that the WTFjeans website "encourages you to 'wear them FTW.'" And if you're into that, then you better get on these because only 1,000 pairs will be made and they start at $80 each. Just hope that no one tries to steal your pants if these catch on.
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