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Liberty of London Might be Target's Best Collab Yet

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Target's Liberty of London pop-up near Bryant Park opens to the public at 11 this morning, and based on what we saw at the editors' preview, if you work anywhere near midtown, you should plan to take a long lunch. The space, at the corner of 42nd Street across Sixth Avenue from the park, is a riot of flowers. Pots of daffodils sit next to blossom-print clothing and housewares; above them, giant screens display digital projects of yet more plant life. It sounds like it might be too much, but as Liberty has long maintained, there's no such thing as too busy when it comes to floral prints.

For this collection, the big question has always been about quality. It's not hard to envision what Liberty of Target would look like, but how would it feel? Well, we're pleased to report that almost none of the fabrics felt cheap. The scarves are a little dubious, but otherwise, everything is about a nice as it could possibly be for under $60. Patterns run from '60s-psychedelic to country-grandma's-couch, but the cuts tend to be fairly modern. (Just be careful: It all runs large.) According to the woman running the dressing room, shirt dresses for $24.99 were the biggest hit among the editors. We came away with a similarly-priced top and another shirt for $19.99.

Housewares were equally cute and easy to buy: We fell for floral tumblers at $2.99 a pop. And don't skip the accessories, which run from rain boots to flip-flops to a ridiculously cute blue kiss-clasp clutch. Even the big-ticket items seem worth it. Chairs are $99.99 and very mod; absurdly cute bikes range from $170 to $200.

There's not nearly as much menswear as womenswear, but the prices are great there too; Ties are only $17.99, and boxers go for $5.99. We were digging through one of the boxer bins, looking for gifts, when a British-accented voice next to us said, "I wonder if Liev would be a medium?" and we turned around to find that our partner in boxer-hunting was Naomi Watts. For the record, we think that size sounds about right.
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Liberty of London for Target Pop-Up

1095 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY