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Mannequins Go Flying, Wind Up as Weapons in Macy's Brawl

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Macy's is not having a good year. It's bad enough that the Herald Square flagship keeps bursting into flame, but now the New York Post brings news of a mannequin-tossing fight that apparently went down this past Saturday afternoon. According to the Post, the melee began when two 19-year-old Brooklynites began hitting on a married woman.

Her husband was in another part of the store, and when she told the knuckleheaded duo to get lost, [one of them] responded by threatening her, cops said. When the husband, Anthony Odom, 37, returned, he leaped to his wife's defense, sparking a scuffle.
In the set-to, they knocked over a bunch of mannequins, and one of the Brooklyn guys used a shard of broken dummy to stab a 60-year-old security guard. In the end, both the stabber and his buddy were charged with felony assault. All things considered, maybe the fires weren't so bad.
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