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We Could Spend Forever in the Zachary's Smile Attic Sale

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It was pretty hard to drag ourselves out of the Zachary's Smile Attic Sale to come home and write this report for you, but we finally gave in. The sale, which began last Friday, offers vintage clothing between $5 and $30 and huge discounts on the house lines, and was shamefully quiet today at opening time.

Let's see if the low low prices might entice some of you to drop by. Vintage dresses are priced between $10 and $30. We spent a fair amount of time in the $15 rack where we decided to try on a 100% silk Roger Frères Pucci-like print (and soon to be mini, after a little nip and tuck by the tailor) dress, a mint condition black bohemian lace and royal blue flower embroidered confection and a fabulous blue and black short belted number (with the belt!) with shoulder pads that would make Joan Collins envious.

Definitely take a look through the $10 to $20 jackets to see if any of the adorable velvet puff sleeve or cropped collarless ones suit you. The $5 t-shirt bins and racks are a fun perusal and tops, skirts and pants are all $10. Shoes are $15 and boots are $20. There weren't a ton of boots out, but the ones available were super cute and would probably go for $100 and up in any other vintage store. The jewelry also kept us busy for awhile as we sorted through tons of $5 necklaces—chains, chunky colors, beads, cameos and more.

For fans of the house ZS White Label and Barney's Co-op remake/remodel lines, you're also in luck. Prices range from $10 to $48. There is a rack of $38 fun and adorable bright block print dresses and rompers from last summer's Anthropologie collection (originally $298). The $38 cropped brocade jackets are also a cute and versatile bargain and we loved the elastic double cross front flapper dress for $48.

The sale runs through the end of the month and they will restock as needed. There are three individual dressing rooms in the store and cash and credit are both accepted. As with most vintage shopping, there are hits and misses on the racks, but we guarantee that you'll come out of there with something and only be $20 lighter in your wallet. This is what vintage shopping should be like, people!
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Zachary's Smile

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Zachary's Smile

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