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Good Deals for Those Willing to Dig at Dolce & Gabbana

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Underwhelmed by Liberty's ditsy florals? Unmoved by talk of $20 vintage at Zachary's Smile? Maybe tomorrow's big Dolce & Gabbana sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea will be more your speed. A Racked spy who visited during today's editors' preview reports that the sale is pricey but worthwhile, particularly if you're looking for pre-2009 goods. Her story:

I got a black satin corset top from 2008 so it was only $123. Also got a cute tee shirt/polo from 2009 for $115. But the major score was a little black dress from 2007 so it was only $90! I am a super shopper so I spent an extra 5 minutes looking at tags to find some of the older clothing—though there wasn't much of it.
Overall, it's worth checking out if you like D&G. At first I thought it was too expensive, but as I started to dig I found some good stuff.
Doors open to the public tomorrow at 9am, and the sale runs through Sunday.
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Metropolitan Pavillion

125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 212-463-0200 Visit Website

Metropolitan Pavilion

123 W. 18th Street, New York, NY