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Now Available in Tribeca: A Chandelier Made of Gummi Bears

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Furniture company Jellio specializes in designs inspired by the color-drenched, candy-filled world of childhood. They're the people responsible for introducing the Lower East Side to lamps shaped like Gummi Bears a few Christmases ago, and now they've taken the Gummi inspiration a step further, creating a lighting fixture made of 5,000 hand-strung acrylic Gummi Bears. The "candelier," as it's known, is on display at Tribeca kiddie store Babesta. Jellio will only produce ten ever, and they're only disclosing the price to potential buyers, but we suppose if you really loved it you could come up with a DIY project involving 100 bags of Gummi Bears, a couple reels of fishing wire, and hours and hours of patience.
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66 West Broadway, New York, NY