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J.Crew Performs Tattoo Extraction on Roguish Model

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Either J.Crew has some very nitpicky fans, or we're all getting so many J.Crew catalogs and emails that we've memorized every image the company has ever produced, because catching tiny discrepancies in J.Crew promotional materials is definitely the new black. First, the obsessed fans at J.Crew Aficionada uncovered the presence of samples among the men's shoes. Now, one of our midwestern readers has observed that a model who'd been proudly tattooed in the catalog is ink-free in a recent email. The discovery sent him reeling:

I remember thinking the tats gave the man a much more worldly dimension and added complexity, that perhaps beneath that clean cut, charmingly mainstream (and safe) exterior was a guy who wasn't afraid to shop at OAK on the weekends while wearing his Complex Geometries shrouded tees and Corpus drop-crotches, perhaps with The XX on his playlist and some smudged eyeliner from a previous night of crazy.
Without the tattoos, though, he's just a guy who shops at the mall and thinks drop-crotch trousers are hilarious because they involve the word "crotch."
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