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P.S. - Bloomingdale's Loves Blogger-Inspired Window Displays

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Bloomingdale's is really enamored of the bloggers lately. Following the Apartment Therapy contest windows, they even brought in a new set of blogger-inspired windows, this time celebrating Helmut Lang and DIY-blogger Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This ....

As part of the debut for the newest Helmut Lang collection, Domesek made a collection of necklaces and bracelets out of what seems to be the spare materials from the Helmut Lang factory. With the house's leather, denim and knits, she made a series of necklaces, bracelets and scarves that are currently displayed in the east-facing windows of the Bloomingdale's flagship.

Domesek put up instructions for how to duplicate the looks on her own site, and it doesn't seem that difficult. It's mainly a function of cutting leather into strips, and then knotting or hanging them until you're happy with the final result. There are other DIY projects over there, including a DIY Proenza Schouler tie-dye top that we're very tempted to try in our bathtub. (Though for the price of our security deposit, we're pretty sure we could just go buy one.)

Is this it for the Bloomingdale's blogger windows, or do you think there's more in the pipe? Who would you want to see in a window display?
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