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Introducing Snooki Menkes

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StyleList has fun matching familiar Fashion Week faces to Jersey Shore cast members: "International Herald Tribune critic Suzy Menkes is an obvious choice for Snooki, based on their similar hair styles. J-Woww and Betsey Johnson also look as if they share a hairdresser. For his famous abs, The Situation could only be played by Marc Jacobs, who has shown a recent fondness for stripping down for the camera. And the musclebound Ronnie looks like he shares a gym routine with square-shouldered menswear maestro John Bartlett." After that it kind of falls apart ("Sammi Sweetheart and Donna Karan show a similar knack for staying centered as madness swirls around them"? Sammi? Centered?) but that side-by-side pouf comparison shot is genius. [Style List]

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