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No Jersey Shore at Fashion Week After All?

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Fashion PR firms and fame-hungry front row seat snipers can rest easy today with the news that MTV is pulling back the reins on the cast of Jersey Shore. According to Perez Hilton, who is usually correct on matters like these, MTV is worried that the glut of cast appearances all over the map is endangering the Jersey Shore brand before they can even film Season 2. His source says:

MTV has told the 'Jersey Shore' crew they can only do two personal appearances a week, and that all of their gigs have to be approved by producers. They've threatened the cast that they will be fined if they flout the rules — but some don't care and are blatantly going ahead to earn as much cash as they possibly can.

These kids might be dumb, but hopefully they aren't so dumb that they forget MTV is their real meal ticket...and ticket to any fashion show that'll have them. So, if Snooki sticks to the new rules, then she'll only be able to poke her pouf into two shows during Fashion Week, and no after parties! They're getting to be like an endangered species, and that's just fine by us.
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