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The First and Only Hermès Men's Store Opens on Madison

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There's a party tonight on Madison Avenue. It will not be a typical Fashion Week party, though, because this one is in celebration of the world's first (and currently only) Hermès Men's store at 690 Madison Avenue, once a Luca Luca store and directly across the street from the flagship Hermes.

Crews were setting up the tents and step-and-repeats for the tonight's party queue as we approached the chocolate store, which still has its East 62nd Street side looking only half-painted. It's not like Hermès to leave things half-finished. Is two-tone in style now?

Security guards (a beefy two!) at the entrance kept pedestrians out while final party preparations were under way, so we only got exterior photos. For a look at the luscious interior, hop over to GQ's exclusive on the interiors.

So will a store that sells leather cases that cost more than the phone inside be successful? Well, Hermès has been going strong since the mid-1800s, so we're going to say yes? One things for sure though?they sure know where the money is to be made off of tourists; the first thing you'll encounter on the inside is a wall of silk ties. An easy purchase if someone just wants to buy something Hermès.
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Hermes Men's

690 Madison Avenue, New York, NY