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Barneys Brings Out Scary Collage Faces, Creative Growth Project

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OK, we're a little bit freaked out by these Barneys windows. Something about the collage of face components edging the displays makes us feel a bit watched, and the cut-out eyes spelling Rag & Bone and The Row make us suddenly aware of how creepy those labels' names can sound. Brrrr. But mostly it's the bucket heads: They just look so desperately false and insidious. They're attached to nattily-dressed bodies, but we're afraid to look too closely at the clothes, because we're pretty sure that if we take our eyes off the bucket heads for even a moment, they will fly from their bodies and start chasing and biting us.

Barneys has created the scariest windows we've seen in a long time, and for that we salute them. Also, this month they've dedicated some window space to a good cause. The final display showcases some of the men's and women's shirts designed by artists at Creative Growth, which are available in stores and online.

According to the illuminated window display, "Creative Growth is the oldest and largest nonprofit visual art center in the country providing art programs to adults with developmental, physical, mental and emotional disabilities." Proceeds from the sale of the shirts go directly to the artists.
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