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Inside Darr's Moody New Williamsburg Home

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Femia, 1/28

Boerum Hill's atmospheric antiques shop Darr just opened a second location in Williamsburg next door to its sister store Hollander & Lexer. The location, on Metropolitan and Wythe, used to be a sunny hair salon called Public, but despite the large windows, Darr has managed to imprint its own Gothic sensibilities onto the space. There may be no better place in Williamsburg to pick up busts of stern 19th century gentlemen or carvings of the crucifixion, and if you're looking for scissors hand-made in India, you need look no further. Pricing varies depending on size and age: Those scissors start at $12, but a big, antique, two-piece kitchen cabinet could go for up to $1400.
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101 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY