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Critical Shopping

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Jon Caramanica had a real Anastasia Krupnik moment, spending several minutes in the basement dressing room of the American Eagle Outfitters in Times Square, trying to figure out how to pick the logo off a shirt. "Wow, it was stitched tight," he says. But we now feel informed that the American Eagle at Times Square deals in New York-themed merchandise for tourists, including a hoodie that said "A. E. NYC 46TH/B'WAY 19-77." OMGWTFBBQ? Caramica finds some nice things to say about the big box, though, including that the clothes look surprisingly good once on a body. In the end, though, he comes in as the coyest Critical Shopper ever, saying: "yes, I bought something, and I'll never tell you what." But now we want to know! What would you buy at American Eagle Outfitters? [NYT]