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Wearable Cut-Outs; Feathery Fascintors; Winter Weather Pros

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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, two items item of note:

Best Bets Daily: Dalaga makes cut-out dresses wearable for just $66
Brooklyn Based: In God We Trust owner Shana Tabor
DailyCandy: Relaxation mats, baking supplies and charitable art sales
DailyCandy Kids: An arty alternative to the teddy-bear baby book
I Heart Daily: Feathery fascinators unleash your inner, toned-down Gaga
MUG: Tomorrow night's big debate: Is it OK to be fat?
Refinery29: The citizens of Stockholm have winter dressing down (pictured)
Thrillist: Consume mass quantities during the Super Bowl
UrbanBaby Daily: Parents fed up with state of school lunches
VSL: Endgame is a suspenseful chronicle of Nelson Mandela's release
WWWD: Who is wearing what handbags these days
The Zoe Report: Molton Brown body wash is fresh, tingly

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