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C.O. Bigelow Prettifies the Plaza Hotel Retail Collection

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Finally, some good news for the poor Plaza Hotel: C.O. Bigelow is joining the Warren-Tricomi beauty area in the retail collection. The space, just downstairs from the Warren-Tricomi salon, houses a collection of beauty counters, sort of like a duty-free shop without the tax breaks. It's officially known as The Plaza Beauty by Warren Tricomi, and its current occupants include Tocca and Smashbox as well as some smaller brands.

This isn't quite as exciting as it would be if a stand-alone Bigelow store were opening in the space, but it's still a nice addition. Uptown residents and any tourists who stray over from Fifth will be able to find a selection of Bigelow's apothecary products (like the Mentha Lip Shine) in a booth decorated with all sorts of antique fixtures. The goal, of course, is to bring some of Bigelow's 172-year-old history into the sleek, clinical space. Ideally, it will bring in some of Bigelow's devoted customers, too.
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