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Winning Launch My Line Collection Butchered To Sell

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Wow. We knew Launch My Line's winning collection would arrive at Rue La La a bit altered for the masses. Less risky, less frisky, and probably pretty cheaply produced for a multitude of reasons—not the least of which is that few if any women are going to purchase a handmade gown in the four figure range designed by a reality TV persona (from a not terribly successful show) through a day-late/dollar-short on-line sample sale site.

But the reality of Kathy Rose's Native Rose collection on Rue La La is pretty tragic. Ten complete looks were cut to seven single pieces. The turquoise and gold have disappeared entirely as have most of the detail and print. A dress designed around unique pockets has none. And there are no gowns! Native Rose was about the gowns and the longest pieces are about ankle length. Did we mention the fabric looks majorly cheap?

On top of that the line will only be on sale for two days! So much for a new career as a fashion designer. Poor Kathy—she must be devastated. But isn't this the reality TV way? Project Runway winners are barely getting by; Biggest Loser contestants are fat again; and Tila Tequila and all the Bachelors are largely single. Big fat fail all around.
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