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At least one reader is not happy about East Harlem's new Costco: "Bags being checked before you leave, no chairs in the food court!!!!! 5 bucks to park. Cabs charge extra 2 bucks if you use the cabs in front of Costco! They never wanted to hire from the area. They expected to be able to open without accepting food stamps in an area where 60% of the residents use Food stamps! Sounds like they are pissed they were forced to concede to community demands. Did I say NO CHAIRS IN THE FOOD COURT!!!! The only Costco in the world without seats for shoppers to rest their feet and eat. I guess they didn't want the community to get to cozy and comfortable. Shop and get the fuck out- oh pay 5 bucks for parking or take a cab from a cab company not even from the area-what happened to El Barrio cab service?" [Racked Comments]