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Introducing Jeggings' New Rival: Pajamajeans!

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Have you not quite given into the questionable jean-leggings trend, or "jeggings?" Well, why not skip it altogether with Pajamajeans! They're real day-to-night pieces.

Watch the video above to get the full Pajamajeans effect, but we will tell you they're "the styling of your favorite jeans, together with the comfort of pajamas." Brilliant? Or the laziest excuse for pants you've ever heard of? Regardless, they will be making some money. Just be warned that the pants are a blend of cotton and spandex, so just because they are the color of denim, doesn't mean that they are denim; the illusion only works from a distance.

Now for our favorite part: "Pajamajeans have all the detailing of your favorite jeans; high-contrast topstitching, back pocket design details, even brass rivets so they look like they were made by some European designer." The video says that with a snotty twinge, so we're guessing these are aimed at the leopard Snuggie demographic, huh?
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