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On Sale at Conran: "Small Bags of Rocks"

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Legendary modern design store Conran is moving in with ABC Carpet & Home, a marriage about which we are hugely conflicted. On the one hand, we wish nothing but joy for the happy couple. On the other hand, Conran has spent the last ten years in an appealingly unlikely space under the 59th Street Bridge, and it's sad to see them leave. At least there's a promising 75% off closing sale—but as Madison Avenue Spy pointed out yesterday, the sale doesn't fully deliver.

MadSpy stopped by yesterday and discovered that some of the best and most expensive stuff—like patio furniture and lighting—isn't on sale. As for what is marked down, some items are damaged, while others are just baffling: "In a clearance department we found old display accessories reduced, but still not cheap. For example, small bags of rocks were $5 each, a side table with a top that 'would not screw on' was $40, bent and distorted silver wall decals were $2 and lamps that may not even work were $40." Slight upside: New markdowns add an additional 15% discount on top of the 75% off. The store officially closes March 31.
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The Conran Shop

407 East 59th Street, New York