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Norma Kamali Multiple Indulges Our Nostalgia, Laziness

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Back when we were kids there was a garment everyone called a "multiple" that was basically just a plain spandex tube that could be worn as a mini skirt, tube top, belt, headband, and we're sure there were other uses we just hadn't come up with yet. They were really popular for a period. Norma Kamali has her own version that is a lot more interesting than a plain spandex tube, and we're starting to think that if we just bought a bunch of them, we could sleep in every day and never have to think about getting dressed in the morning again.

Worn straight, this Basic Clothing Unit is a long-sleeved, boat-neck tunic, but there are at least eight ways to wear it, and Kamali occasionally holds contests to see if people can come up with new ways. It can be a one-shouldered, belted tunic; a strapless top with a tie waist; a halter top; a cowl-neck; a skirt; and even a dress if you get two. It seems all kinds of perfect for traveling. It's on display at Kamali's 56th St. flagship and available for $99 in her eBay store, where you'll also find instructional videos and wearing diagrams.
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Norma Kamali

11 W. 56th St., New York, NY