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Barneys Warehouse Sale Discounts Deepen: What's Left in Clothing

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Have the day off from work thank to Mother Nature? If you like discounts on designer duds, then you might be trekking out into the slushy snow anyway when you see the additional percents off at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. The sale, at the Barneys Co-op in Chelsea, ends on Sunday but took its major markdowns yesterday.

Flip through the gallery above for some of the items we spotted in womenswear. Although the sale closed before we could trek down into menswear, our friend said he spied this Filson coat, which is something you could wear immediately to take part in the "urban lumberjack" trend.

· Women's Designer Ready-to-wear (with red star stamp): Extra 50% off
· Women's Ready-to-wear: Extra 40% off
· Women's Denim: Extra 40% off
· Women's Accessories: Extra 50% off
· Women's Shoes and Boots : Extra 40% off (See what's left here)
· Women's Lingerie and Swim: Extra 50% off

· Blue Tag Imperfects: Extra 50% off

· Men's Designer Sportswear: Extra 30% off
· Men's Dress Trousers: Extra 20% off
· Men's Denim Pants: Extra 30% off
· Men's Casual Jackets (white tags only) : Extra 40% off
· Men's T-shirts, Knits, Sweaters: Extra 30% off
· Men's Casual Pants (not denim): Extra 60% off
· Men's Casual Sportshirts: Extra 60% off
· Men's Sport Coats (yellow tags only): Extra 40% off
· Men's Tuxedos: Extra 40% off
· Men's Sneakers: Extra 60% off
· Men's Shoes and Boots: Extra 30% off
· Men's Ties: Extra 30% off
· Men's Accessories: Extra 50% off
· Men's PJs and Robes: Extra 50% off
· Men's Shorts, Swim and Vests: Extra 30% off

· Gift and Home items in the Chelsea Passage: Extra 50% off
· Childrens clothing in the Chelsea Passage : Extra 50% off

The sale ends Sunday and the final weekend is usually packed, so we recommend going today or early early tomorrow or Sunday for last grabs. We doubt the discounts will get much steeper, but if they're going anywhere, it'll be another 10% off certain categories.
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