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Smell Like a Railroad with Bond No. 9's High Line Perfume

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The High Line is almost definitely the best-smelling public space in New York City, so it's about time Bond No. 9 bottled that olfactory goodness and offered it to the public for only $145 ($220 for 100ml). The company's new High Line fragrance, debuting next month, aims to capture the park's distinct prairie-with-a-hint-of-Hudson bouquet. It starts with a mix of bergamot, Indian rhubarb, and something delicious-sounding called purple love grass, moves into florals like rose and tulip, and then says a gentle goodbye with sea moss (to remind you of the river) and a more citified musk and teakwood. And it comes in a bottle that pays tribute to the park's previous incarnation via a metal segment of "railroad" affixed to the front.
· Bond No. 9 [Official Site]

Bond No. 9 - Bond Street

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