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Highly Scientific Survey Finds Walgreens Cheaper than Duane Reade

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Images via <a href="">Brokelyn</a>
Images via Brokelyn

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When the good people at Brokelyn heard that Walgreens was taking over Duane Reade, they immediately zeroed in on the essential question here: What does this mean for the price of toothpaste? To that end, they hit up two Williamsburg drugstores, the Duane Reade on Bedford Avenue and the Walgreens on Union, to comparison shop various household necessities like Colgate and Red Bull. Walgreens wins by a hair, saving our shoppers $26.01 on a basket full of name-brand products and $4.69 on a basket of generics. Duane Reade gets bonus points for selling beer, but Walgreens has four different kinds of Celine Dion fragrances, and really, you can't beat that.
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