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Name Your Price at the Amanda Uprichard Warehouse Sale

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Downtown designer Amanda Uprichard quietly kicked off her warehouse sale today, offering up to 90% off silk, jersey and lace pieces from 2007 to 2009. Prices start at $10 for 2007 jersey tops and max out at just $40 for 2009 silk dresses (which are still on store shelves). The full price list is in the photos, BUT here's the fantastic news: The list is just a guideline! The more you buy, especially with cash, the further discount you'll receive from the lady staffer in charge.

You can even propose your own price, so bring your math game (or a calculator). Our proposal came out to $25 each for silk 2009 items (including a flowy transparent grey butterfly sleeve top with attached lace camisole), and judging from how quickly our offer was accepted, we're still kicking ourselves for not starting way lower.

The items from all years are mixed into the racks, so it's a good idea to check out everything. There were dresses galore: Jewel-toned v-neck numbers with ruffle skirts, jersey maxi dresses, sexy strapless lace confections with ruffles and a silk belt, halter frocks with rosette lined backs and more. As for tops, we saw sexy halters, boyfriend tunics, whimsical silk v-neck hooded tanks, plaid pattern cowl neck numbers and countless more. Sizes run petite to large, but we saw mostly mediums and larges.

There is a designated open area to try on clothes, so come in a tank top and leggings; otherwise, Mood Fabrics and the office building across the street will be in for a show. Credit is accepted, but the staffers have to call the purchase in to their credit card company, so basically everyone in the sale will hear your credit card number. Plus, it seems that they're more willing to bargain for cash payments, so cash is the way to go. They will be bringing out new items throughout the sale and on Saturday, the sale moves to the Cutie Room at 5 Rivington Street.
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Amanda Uprichard

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