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The Weekend Leaves Little Left of Sonia Rykiel's H&M Collab

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For anyone still excited by H&M's designer collaborations, the second Sonia Rykiel collection landed in select stores over the weekend and?surprise of surprises?it has darn near sold out already. This is in direct contrast to her first (mainly lingerie) line for H&M, which sat and sat and sat, and some of which can be found hanging nearby the new collection but marked with $5 clearance pricetags.

So anyways?we headed to our usual H&M for the designer collections: Herald Square. They either had never received anything or sold completely out of it, since we saw absolutely no Rykiel there aside from in the windows.

Moving west a block to the Penn Station H&M, we found Rykiel accessory heaven, if heaven to you is paying $9.95 per cheap, plain bracelet or over $50 for shoes that'll end up on sale soon enough. They had belts in pink, yellow and black, the aforementioned bangles and shoes in all colors, and only three of the plainest dresses leftover.

No berets, none of the interesting pieces like the blazers or striped dresses, and none of the headbands were left. We didn't even spot any traces of the kids' clothing, if either of the stores even had it.

Curious to see if Rykiel had even properly hit Manhattan stores, we consulted Twitter, and here's what others said:

· @stylemecheaply: Just saw lots of sonia rykiel for H&M at the 59th st. location! get to it!
· @CD_MFO: Fifth Ave H&M near St. Patrick's still has a lot of Sonia Rykiel dresses, berets, leggings, belts, bangles and shoes!
· @LilaDelilah: 86th street has a bit if clothing. @rackedny Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M
· @LTLoBudget: walking past the H&M at 51st and 5th looked like it had a TON of SR.

That last tweet came in just this morning, so it looks like there is some Rykiel left out there for the Sonia diehards. Regardless, if you head to the lower level at the Penn Station store, you'll find a box of the big bow headbands and pins from the first collection on sale for $5.
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H&M Penn Station

435 7th Avenue, New York, NY