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WTF No More: Boreum Hill's We The Free Becomes a Free People

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When Urban Outfitters opened a branch of its haute-hippie offshoot We The Free in Boerum Hill, the store was soundly panned by bloggers, so maybe it's not a surprise that Urban recently switched the format to a slightly more accessible Free People.

What's the difference? Clothing-wise, not much: We the Free's merchandise was similar to Free People's trademark dreamy, deconstructed flower-child gear. But We the Free displayed its wares on the exposed-brick walls like installations in a gallery, requiring customers to ask for help if they wanted a closer look or (heaven forfend) a sense of the price. At Free People, on the other hand, you can grab a tank top yourself, hold it in your hands, try it on, and even determine without asking that it costs $98. All things considered, the switch was probably a wise move.

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