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Christopher Street's Spy Shop Silently Slinks Out of Sight

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Just when we thought that MZ Wallace's arrival to Christopher Street almost a year ago was shocking enough, the area loses goes and loses the little Spy Shop nearby the PATH train station.

Its windows always announced the availability of security devices and "nanny cams," and we liked to imagine Sarah Jessica Parker or Maggie Gyllenhaal stopping in to buy a few of the latter. Regardless, New York doesn't lack for spy shops, and there are a few other places for getting your espionage gadgets and gizmos. Specifically we can think of the Surveillance Video shop on Canal Street (look for all the security cameras above its awning), and this spy store with two NYC locations and one in Atlantic City.

What other spy stores are we missing? Where do you buy your listening devices and other secretive goodies? Let us know in the comments!
· Security Zone International [Official Site]
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131 Christopher Street, New York, NY