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Auto Drives Off Into the Sunset

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Beloved Meatpacking District art-object shop Auto has been boarded up for about a month now, but the owners only just sent out a goodbye email to their customers. In the sweet, nostalgic note, they quote the owner of another shuttered local business, legendary MePa restaurant Florent:

We are reluctant and saddened to close but we know we must embrace change and what lies ahead. As our former neighbor Florent Morellet said, "New York is the city of changes. People forget this is what they love about it." As of now we have no future plans to reopen either the store or the website but we promise to keep you informed of our whereabouts should this change.
They've also posted a farewell sign on the front door and taken a red pen to the description on their website, which now begins "auto is was a lifestyle store..."
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803-805 Washington St, New York, NY