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Barneys Warehouse Sale: Menswear Spot Check

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Last night we ducked into the Barney's Warehouse Sale just before they closed for a second menswear mission. We left with good news, bad news, and three new shirts.

Bad news first: Stock is seriously depleted. You'll especially notice the shrunken stacks in denim and a lot more rack space in shirting. The high-end designer racks are fairly static—but note that a good four foot span of Alexander McQueen has shrunk to maybe 18 inches.

Shoes news: They must be selling fast because this go around we found lots and lots of reruns masquerading as restock. Some maybe-too-weird Margielas (starting around $260 and ranging to $600), lots of Jil Sander desert boots ($230), Raf Simons for Dr. Marten's in mouse gray ($110) and Ann Demeulemeester cap toes (about $400) were straight out of August. We even saw a storage-smudged pair of Thom Browne wingtip creepers that has been at every sale since 2006—still around $1000. So, that's a bummer—but a bumper crop of Common Projects in every size and color seems to have shown up as well. Snag a pair starting at $160.

Now the good news: Discounts! All casual pants (excluding jeans), casual shirting (button downs with standard small, medium, large sizing), tuxedos, and irregular items are an additional 25% off. Get a Trovata shirt for $45, John Varvatos and Marc by Marc Jacobs options for under $60, and baby's first Michael Bastian for about $150.

Out in the designer nook we found some interesting options, but if you're looking for Acne, Commes des Garcons, Lanvin, Dior, or Dries van Noten, options are very, very limited. And if you're looking for Balenciaga, options are very, very weird. A black and white-pinstriped tux from Thom Browne is still over $1500, but Prada print shirts start at $180 (note: some reruns in the mix), dip-dyed Commes tees are $91 (from $200), and a printed canvas blazer by Dries is only $309 (from over $1000). That Dries blazer isn't complete without a pretty awesome matching dress shirt, about $400.

Suits are standard. If you need an interview suit or a funeral suit (hey, it happens)—go. Burberry, Armani, Brioni, Hugo Boss, Theory—they're all there, in every color and every size with staffers buzzing about happy to measure you and get you in something that fits. Prices are the standard 50 to 75% off retail, which means a really great suit can be had for Men's Warehouse prices.

Ties are more interesting if you're willing to dig. Revolver-printed Pradas were $119; checked Band of Outsiders options were $79; Liberty's signature prints were $49; Gitman Bros. preppery was $32; and a variety of Co-op-branded cuties only $29. We spotted one fantastic white leather Gucci skinny tie, it was only $119 from $295. It was sandwiched between enough Psycho Bunny overstock ($39 and up) that those jerks could open a store. Let's just hope they don't.
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