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Sonia Rykiel x H&M Launches Tomorrow; Cupcakes at Haus Interior

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NEW YORK—Sonia Rykiel's very French, very striped clothing for H&M officially drops tomorrow. Around these parts, it will be available in five stores: 34th and Broadway, Herald Square, 51st Street, 86th Street, and Lexington and 59th Street. After the quiet launch of the lingerie, we're not expecting stampedes, but if you want to get your hands on the stuff before anyone else does, try either of the 34th Street stores—they open at 9am, earlier than any of the other locations. [H&M; Previously]

NOLITA—Stop by cute little home decor store Haus Interior tomorrow for a mid-day cupcakes-and-champagne break. The shop, at 250 Elizabeth between Prince and Houston, is offering treats from 11am to 7pm. [Racked INbox]

34th Street and Broadway, New York, NY