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Christian Dior Window Dressers Take Us to the Atelier

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The latest window display at Christian Dior's 57th Street boutique calls up the image of a vintage sewing atelier with a blown-up black-and-white photograph of women working amongst heavy paper patterns and well-worn dress forms. Dress forms and bolts of fabric are arranged in a tableau in front, evoking the house's long history and reputation for fine craftsmanship, manifest in a single, exquisitely embellished purple dress. Arranged around the scene in vintage hat boxes and modern shoe boxes, Dior's shoes and handbags bask in reflected glory. We all know that design houses rely on their fashionable legacies to make most of their money from accessories these days, and in this case the message is pretty clear: Buy a handbag, buy Dior.
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Christian Dior

21 E. 57th St., New York, NY