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The Allsaints Ram's Skull Arrives on Broadway

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Sometime in April, expensive but highly desirable British brand Allsaints will open a store on Broadway in Soho, just up the street from Bloomingdale's. Yesterday afternoon, the brand draped the new space in a giant tarp stamped with their creepy insignia, the skull of a ram. We hear they're also fond of using ram's skulls in their store design, so expect things to get even more macabre when the shop officially opens. Between this and Kelly Cutrone's goth assistant and the Black Mass currently taking place on the fall 2010 runways, we're all going to be totally sick of Satan by next spring.
· Allsaints to Bring Trendy British Clothing, Ram's Skulls to Soho [Racked NY]

512 Broadway, New York, NY