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threeASFOUR Summons the Elements for a Laser Runway

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Gabi, Adi and Angela?the three designers behind the avant-garde line threeASFOUR?are great at one thing: creating clothing of beauty that appeals to the intellect as much as the eye. They consistently bring it with their runway shows, which typically include a small performance instead of catwalk as top editors and buyers (like Sarah of Colette) look on, eyes glistening with interest.

Their black bodysuits with sweeping cut-outs that encircle the legs form the basis for highly constructed clothes over top, from minidresses to sheer gowns like capes, to an architectural coat. Although most looks are black?threeASFOUR is a New York-based line, after all?the theme of the elements brought out designs like a sculptural braided dress in copper and a green-hued suit that was either for tin or iron, followed by a model holding a gong and wearing a dress that combined them all.

Resembling the presentation of Marc Jacobs' Collection runway, all of the models at threeASFOUR stood front and center, backs to the audience, while one at a time each model decamped to take her little turn on the catwalk. Yeah, on the catwalk. They would then return to the center amidst the fog and lasers, facing outward and perfectly posed for photos.

The pieces aren't overly conceptual; they can be worn, but they aren't for everyone. Indeed, they are for the future...or anyone who dares wear a bodysuit that makes an American Apparel one look like some shapeless, ill-made rag only fit to be used as a squeegee for washing the car.
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