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The Blonds Take a Drag-Tastic Tour of the Animal Kingdom

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Last night's runway show by design duo the Blonds began with a gorilla staggering down the runway. As the soundtrack piped in ominous music and growling noises, the gorilla began to strip—and revealed herself to be Phillipe Blond, the drag queen half of the pair. She tossed her head to the woman sitting next to us, and the audience full of boys in platform heels—and a black-clad Adam Lambert—roared in approval.

The Blonds design for Rihanna, which, combined with the fact that they are beloved by drag queens, should give you a good sense of their aesthetic: Campy, sparkly, and spiked. Their fall/winter 2010 collection seemed to be inspired by wild creatures, from a snakeskin-print top paired with snakeskin-print thigh-highs to a bejeweled corset with bust-claws to a jacket with the head of a lion perched on each shoulder. Some of the models wobbled on their Loubs, but nobody fell, and even the near-accidents couldn't damage the ebullient mood of the show. It was by far the most fun we've had all week.
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