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Liveblogging the Shows: Carlos Miele

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

In an effort to make reading Racked NY as much like being in the tents as humanly possible, we'll be liveblogging the shows all week, from the suspense of waiting in line (will the seats be any good?) to the drama of the runway (will anyone stumble?) to the post-show euphoria. This time around: Craftsy Brazilian flair at Carlos Miele.

Show location: The Promenade at Bryant Park
The skinny: A Brazilian designer, Carlos Miele keeps the sexy evident no matter the design. Typically he is known for red carpet-ready slinky dresses, but he throws a little luxe day dressing into the mix as well.
Celebs spotted: Nigel Barker, possibly Maggie Rizer.
The takeaway: We hate to say it, but the collection was one that could be easy copied in cheaper materials by Zara?specifically the less formal looks like the pants and skirts paired with colorful, swingy tops. Like with other shows so far this season, fur was present with nearly half of the looks, although in the form of capelets and cropped jackets. The body-con dresses were beautiful in fruity colors and even a few electric blues, but the color scheme for the majority of the pieces was black and cream.

10:44am: Waiting to be let into Miele. There's a ten-year-old girl here and the press are all gaga over her: "Is this your first fashion show? Tell me about you."

10:47am: Lots of Portuguese being spoken because Miele is from Brazil.

10:52am: I'm in and they're playing cool Brazilian music. The runway is completely unadorned.

10:57am: Looks like there will be "bio denim" made of excess denim. The program lists lots of light gold and black suede.

11:01am: No sign of the usual crazies in the tent this morning. Maybe they took Presidents' Day off? The street in front of the tent entrance was empty too.

11:03am: The little girl is seriously the only person to photograph here.

11:04am: No celebs, no swag, show only about 2/3 full.

11:06am Just watched a woman try to bring in her grande Starbucks, only to be told by security that no liquids other than water are allowed in the tents. She successfully convinced them to let her keep it, and now she's in the front row.

11:10am: People are taking pictures of a girl I saw in a bodega on the walk here. Pretty sure it's just because of her outfit, which includes black blazer with studs, leggings, black beret and high high heels.

11:13am: OMG. Another girl just sat next to coffee girl with a venti Starbucks! Obviously the coffee police at the door aren't doing their jobs.

11:15am: People with standing-room tickets are filling in seats now.

11:19am: Nigel Barker! Of course he's in front of me so I can't get a shot of his face. And I'm pretty sure that's Maggie Rizer directly in front of me, like a foot away.

11:20am: The standing folk are taking front row seats. Overheard: "This is so exciting! I just ran down here." And now it's quieting down.

11:22am: If that is Rizer, her waist is tiny.

11:25am: Here we go!

11:26am: First looks: Jewel tones.

11:27am: Lots of little shrug jackets.

11:28am: It's all very body con.

11:29am: Now we're seeing black and cream.

11:32am: The color in this show is amazing—love the electric blue. And the non-color is pretty great too. Up now: Fur capelets in gray.

11:33am: Pants and skirts with gathered paper-bag waists and pleats.

11:34am: This model has gravity-defying boobs.

11:35am: Finale!

Carlos Miele

408 W 14th Street, New York, NY 10014 (646) 336-6642 Visit Website

Bryant Park

41st St and Sixth Ave, New York, NY